Our Story

 My Mother is a magician… a curandera… dropping love and wisdom through the amber laced kisees that touch the people she loves.

She has the gift of scent that dances gracefully with her ability to hear ancestor voices guiding the creative flow.

Growing up my mother would create luxurious scents using essential oils.  Each blend had an intention and meaning to it based on the botanical oil used and elements of nature.

She would sit, listening to Ancestor whisper… inhaling copal infusion and mix sensual elixirs that called forth the Goddesses.

For many years I envisioned offering my Mother’s aromatherapy blends to the world…

 My Mother became very ill  in the spring of 2015 and danced between this world and the spirit world. In other words, she was dying. 

I left my job to HEAL my Mother, living off of the little savings I had and the generosity of others.

As a way to provide my Mother with comfort both in the hospital and at home I would mix these BLENDS using her recipes and massage her head and body as she lay. When I would mix  my Mother’s aromatherapy blends  I would pray and set the intention that they heal and radiate love throughout her body.

The aromas would immediately put my Mother’s body at rest and massages with these oils became an essential ritual to her healing dance.


One evening after my Mother was released from her 8th hospitalization in 5 months I broke down.

I knew that I needed to be able to be flexible and available for my Mother in her healing dance and yet at the same time be able to have income.

 So I started Dancing Love Organics, in between hospitalizations, doctor appointments and healing my Mother.

It has been a journey and I am honored to be sharing these aromatherapy blends.


 *** You can find out more about this journey on Dancing with Debora ~ a blog I started in the ICU http://www.dancingwithdebora.com}