Ancestor Aromatherapy Blend

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Ancestor blend inspires connection to the wisdom of the ancestors

Awaken to the ever flowing wisdom of the Ancestors.

This Copal and Calendula infusion are handcrafted to support your connection to the abundant Ancestor Wisdom that surrounds you.

This an earthy blend that incorporates powerful " medicines" used in ceremonies to cleanse and connect to Divine Source energy. Ancestor Wisdom is all around us and with practice we can connect to it.

Use this blend as a daily moisturizer after bathing, during your meditation practice or at anytime that you may feel the need for spiritual guidance.

Remember that we are spiritual beings in this human dance and at anytime we have the ability to receive insights form our Ancestors.


The base of this beauty is Copal and Amber resin that has been infused into a nourishing base oil along with essential oils. As with all of our blends there are multiple notes that dance beautifully with the star base notes.

How you can use Ancestor Blend in your life:

This blend is perfect for use in your meditation practice or yoga practice.  Rub this blend on your heart chakra, third eye and root chakra before bed to intentionally open to ancestor wisdom during your dream time.

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organics Jojoba Oil, Copal, Amber resin and a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. WE DO NOT USE synthetic fragrance oils and all of our blends are our unique handcrafted formulas.