Dancing Love Organics

Our aromatherapy blends originate from a lineage of curanderas {healers} .

We have taken the original blends and added a touch of modern flare while staying true to the cultural healing traditions that have been passed onto us. We bless each creation process with ceremony so that we may share high vibration “Good Medicine” with our customers.      


The essence of our products are based on three things:


Each of our aromatherapy blends is created with the INTENTION to inspire NOURISHED Joyful living that allows for balance, creativity and passion.

We strongly believe that nourishing our bodies is a self-care RITUAL that everyone deserves.

Our hope is that our products that we handcraft will be a tool that will support you to honor yourself, body – mind and spirit. Each of our products comes with a gift of a mediation card and crystal to support rituals of holistic self care and self love.

     We are honored to share this act of love & light.